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Human do create history
Civilization do develop city
Technology do decrease distance
Elevator do raises the building
Ever since elevator invention in America back in 1854, the elevator has been instrumental in changing the urban life. The history of the elevator mirrors the history of modern living.

Zowee elevator equipment technology [Suzhou] co. ltd is proud to contribute to the continued advancement of elevator technology. Our mission is to make the higher quality and safer parts and components for the elevator industry worldwide. Excellence in manufacturing and service is our promise and commitment.
After three years hardworking since 2014, Zowee has developed into one of the mainstream brands from an unknown firm. The elevator door system ECO series and EXC series from our company not only build a large amount of stable customer, but also been sold to more than 10 countries and regions. They are highly praised by our customers.
Zowee introduced advance management system and established own an outstanding international management team.
Zowee acquired AxxonSafe the famous elevator parts brand and will continue to uphold the quality in AxxonSafes elevator door system and constantly inhect Axoonsafes advanced technology
Zowee have advanced and completed equipment. Zowee cooperated with hallmark the famous elevator parts supplier and invented numbers of automatic technique such as four side bending technology. These techniques saved much labor cost and time cost.
Zowee focus on a sort of common issues of elevator door system such as failure rate/ sub-fault situation / over noise / high power consumption/ installation problems.
Zowee is the ONLY ONE elevator semi-automatic door system producer in the China mainland. The semi-automatic door series are quite famous in South-east Aisa and Europe. Unique sandwich structure is lighter and easier to install.
Zowee makes original laminated steel for elevator door system. This material has conduce on fireproofing, scratch-resistant, anti-corrosion. Create more choice for elevator door panels.
Modern manufacture, efficiency organization, advanced working conditions, skilled teamwork, professional elevator door system supplier . What a choice.